How to Pack Right and Avoid Packing Mistakes

It’s how you pack that makes the journey starts right. Your bag having all the essentials is your source of relief however most of the time, wrong packing makes it not and instead, ended up paying pricey airline luggage fees and with heavy bags. How to pack it right should be the first thing that a traveler must learn, and here are the fundamentals of right packing.

Don’t fold but instead roll

Smart travelers have found a superior way of packing a month worth stuff with rolling as tightly rolled clothes demand less space. Here’s an added trick: I roll pants together with socks and shirt as pre-determined to what you wear in a day or activity. It saves me time and I don’t have to scramble looking for what to pair with my pants or shirts.  

Have a packing list

Make a list of what to pack. I do it days or weeks ahead of my departure date. This allows me to check out what I need to bring and have enough time to purchase them. A packing list is very helpful in not forgetting the essentials. Added tips: re-check your packing list and refer to it during the packing.

Know the airline luggage policy

Always check your airlines to how much you’re allowed to pack. Make sure you perfectly know the luggage policy on international flights as well as on domestics. Additional tips: have that small weighing gadget just to know how much you’ll be paying if you happen to exceed to the weight limits.

Know what’s not included in carryon bags

First time travelers usually end up with things that are not allowed in carry-on bags. Research on what liquid and gel items and products aren’t allowed. There are also requirements of the size of bottled products and on the type of bags to use.

Do your laundry on the road and pack dual-purpose garments

If you’re staying in a vacation rental, enjoy the laundry service to wash your clothes. Most travelers’ accommodation has the best laundry service so make the most of it and enjoy the experience as well. Packing dual purpose garments also save space and it makes bags a lot lighter. Moreover, check beforehand if your accommodation offers free laundry so you can pack less pairs.

Don’t keep valuables in your check-ins

If you don’t want to experience loss of your valuables, don’t keep them in your check-in bags.  Airlines allow one personal and carry-on bag to put in your valuable item so use it for this purpose.

Apply these packing basics and save yourself from packing mistakes.

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