About Me

Hi, welcome to my page – a haven for reads on almost everything about travel, health, beauty, fashion, and life.

I’m Missy. I am twenty something, and living a life just like other ordinary girl out there. Since 2012, I have been going around my beautiful country, and to some distant destinations trying to experience what a backpacker is and of other things that are new and that are outside of my comfort zone. Being in some miles away from home, had introduced me to different cultures and ways of life and that made me understand this world better than I have ever imagined. But, I am not going to talk about traveling alone but on life, as living a life is synonymous to traveling.

Life is beautiful and I am here to share my opinions why I said so. Living is discovering things and ideas that one could borrow and pick for inspirations or make as your own and as reminders as well. If you love traveling or a would-be first time traveler, you can find articles on this page that would be great for first timers and repeat travelers. My travel articles are established from facts and the truths of traveling, and reflected in destinations especially created for discovery and awesome experience and swing between the quiet aesthetic of human nature and countless patterns of activities for the body, mind, and soul.

Life is like a room that is 40% pattern and the rest textural and solid. It means you have to discover things yourself and turning them into touchable. You can do it by yourself or with others that would make things better, remarkable, and unforgettable. This is how my articles about health and beauty would be emphasized that life is happier when shared and lived with others.

Besides traveling and a fitness and health enthusiast, I also love fashion (isn’t it all girls love it?) and love getting the looks of celebrities while being a bit smarter and holding tight to my purse. How I do it is what I’ll be sharing here on my page so watch out for tips and for some tricks.

I love being spunky and nice and sassy and would love hearing your ideas of how to be one as I would give you spaces for your comments and shared thoughts by being guest contributors. Like I have said before, this page is a haven for reads and I love sharing information but I can do so much in  a day, and if you could talk about your travels, your fashion or beauty  ideas and on anything worth-talking about, why not share them here? Let’s consider it as a deal between you and me and for a better reading experience for readers out there.

It’s hard for me to imagine life without talks about beauty, health, fashion and travels, and I believe these are the ingredients (for a girl like me) that make life amazing and wonderful. So, roll out the mat and start not missing what you love and enjoy them even more!

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