Granny Flat Approvals in Sydney: Make Yours a Success Today

Building a granny flat is becoming an increasingly popular option among many Australian families today. However, many applications for such flats are not granted, and applying for one can be downright difficult especially when an applicant isn’t aware of the effective steps that allow a successful application and approval. The following are steps to follow to make granny flat approvals a success. Take note that when we say “approvals,” we simply refer to the approval of both the flat’s design and the completed or finished form of it.

Do Your Homework

First of all, it is important to communicate with the Council in your locality to know your regulations. Secure a copy of Section 10.7 (also known as section 149) certification. These are known as legal documents that have something to do with zoning and they often contain essential information about how a property is used and any development restrictions. It is also important to know from the Council how big or small your property is along with your setbacks. This is one way to get the approval you need.

Start Working on Your Approval Process

To do this, there are two options on which you can choose from:

  1. Complying Development Certificate (CDC)
  2. Development Approval (DA)

Any of these two options can give you the ticket toward getting positive granny flat approvals. You can get application forms from your local Council or simply download them from their website.

Ask for Professional Help

Getting the aid of professionals or experts makes an effective way to get your application approved. These professionals may be architects, surveyors, and structural engineering consultants. Working with these people can help you in obtaining the necessary compliance you need.

Get Your Project Plan Checked and Certified

Be sure to have all your project plans organised and in order. Only then you can get certification from a residential structural engineer. The certification often states that your property is a spared or absolved development. 

Get Approved by a Certifier

After the certifier comes to your place to inspect, he will then provide you with Construction Certification. This is an important document you should hold to allow the commencement of your granny flat project.

Getting granny flat approvals should not be hard, difficult, or complicated. Moreover, this should not be too costly also. Take the time to ask for professional help today and get your granny flat application approved without the hassle.

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