Useful Safety Accessories for Kids in Duplex Homes in Sydney

Duplex homes are sufficiently sizable to raise families. Kids are active, and, at times, restless in nature. A big new home is where your small kids can enjoy roaming around in vast spaces. It’s equally important, though, not to neglect looking out for your children’s safety while letting them having fun. Below are the safety accessories for kids you may find useful to have in your duplex home: 

1. Safety Nets for Terrace Parapet Banisters 

Terraces are usually located on top of duplex homes. So, children falling off from the terraces of a duplex new home is a common situation that happens. It’s essential you cover your terrace parapet banisters with safety nets to avoid falls, injuries, and loss of lives. Young people are carefree, so they tend not to think about the consequences of their actions. When your kids are playing, they get extremely absorbed at what they’re doing that they overlook taking safety precautions. 

2. Safety Nets for Balconies 

The balcony is a part of your duplex home where you and the entire family can enjoy fun get together. It’s also the place in your new home where fun family activities happen. With this said, your kids tend to find it irresistible to be fun by climbing over the balcony behind your back. Safety nets for balconies protect kids from falling and injuring themselves. 

3. Child Safety Pool Nets 

Outdoor playgrounds and gardens are additionally among the kids’ favorite spots in your home to play and do other fun activities. Duplex builders, though, tend to have the thought that outdoor spaces are perfect matches for swimming pools. So, it’s not unusual to see pools near the playgrounds, gardens, and other outdoor spaces in duplex homes. 

Many kids can’t swim. Falling into the pools while playing outdoors put kids at risk of drowning and dying. Pools in duplex homes in Sydney are child-proofed by having child safety nets. At least having these protective accessories give you the peace of mind of having no need to hire lifeguards to look out for your kids while playing outdoors. 

4. Security Alarms 

Young people tend to be naïve. So, kids are mostly mire prone to become crime victims than adults. At times, you leave your kids by themselves at home. Security alarms send out alerts that little kids recognize when the children’s safety is at risk. Some examples of safety risks at home are trespassing, burglary, and theft, just to name a few. 

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