How Home Automation can Benefit your Life this 2022

Technology is accelerating at a faster rate than before according to Ray Kurzweil, author of the 2005 book The Singularity is Near. This is clearly felt in the types of technology we use today: from Dynalite automation to Google Home and Apple ecosystems. Today, there is the “Internet of Things” or IoT, a digital revolution enabling the rise of smart homes all across the world. 

There are over 250 million smart homes worldwide as of 2021 according to Statista. And this is fueled by the availability of smart home devices. Consumer spending for smart home devices has increased from US$52 billion in 2019 to US$62 billion in 2021 with projections reaching US$88 billion by 2025. Technologies like these have made home automation more accessible to different types of households and income brackets. 

Lighting control systems for example are now spreading rapidly to more homes. Statistics from Markets and Markets state that the global lighting control system market size is estimated to grow from US$19.5 billion in 2019 to US$39 billion by 2024, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of almost 15 percent.

One particular brand under this category is Dynalite. Developed in Sydney, Australia in 1989 and bought by Philips in 2009, Dynalite is used for more than 25 years in over 35,000 projects. One of its most prominent installations is in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

A centralized automation system

Dynalite automation is helping homes, offices and businesses transition from traditional lighting systems to integrated technology-based lighting systems. Its controllers, sensors, interfaces, and network and integration devices work together seamlessly to provide an easy-to-use centralized automation system. A simple wall panel can already help a user control lighting, HVAC (home ventilation and air conditioning), audio-video systems, security systems and many others. 

Energy efficiency benefits

The average electricity bill in Australia runs at around AU$1,645 annually. 40 percent of energy use goes to heating and cooling while appliances come in second at 30 percent according to AusPost. Traditional homes are not equipped to be energy efficient as appliances, lighting, water and other installations are not integrated into one system. Dynalite home automation enables that and helps allow energy-saving to become more practical.

Technology-driven functionality

Dwellings are now being infused with technology thanks to the Internet of Things. With technologies like Dynalite automation, homeowners can take control of every device around their homes. Functionality now becomes synchronized and controlled under one efficient system thanks to modern technology. 

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