Pros and Cons of Having a Portable Solar Generator

You’ll want to keep your power on while cutting the costs for doing so and maintaining a sustainable environment. A portable solar generator in Australia is what you need to achieve these goals. Because this generator is portable, it’s easy to move it from one location to another. Read on for the other advantages of having this environmentally-friendly generator. After doing so, find out the cons of owning this generator, as well.


  • The Sun Provides Free Fuel 

Regular generators operate via consuming gas. So, owning a regular generator requires you to purchase fuel all the time to keep it running. Turn on a portable solar generator in Australia to utilize sunshine for free in keeping your device running. 

  • Get Clean Power, Free from Toxins 

Because it’s environmentally friendly, a solar generator only emits power free from harmful toxins. Harsh toxins are detrimental to health. A portable solar generator in Australia is useful in a household where residents have weak immune systems and health problems. 

  • Noiseless and Durable 

Because there are no moving parts in solar generators, they minimize the loud noises they emit while in operation. Likewise, a Queensland solar portable generator’s parts have few chances of malfunctioning. With this said, solar generators are more durable as compared to gas generators. 

  • Its Power is Portable 

Portable solar generators don’t need to be plugged into A/C outlets to operate. With this said, the power in your portable solar generator stays on as you carry it on the go! The power from your portable solar generator remains accessible, even when you’re situated in remote locations. 


  • The Associated Upfront Expense is Expensive 

You’ll have to make a higher amount of initial investment to own a solar generator versus a gas generator. Such amount of upfront expense is approximately the same initial investment value associated with owning portable solar panels in Australia. 

The approximate investment price in owning gas generators is about a thousand dollars. Meanwhile, investing in solar generators has a price of around two thousand dollars. 

  • The recharging process is slow 

You can recharge the batteries of solar generators when the sun has set. Even when sunlight is around, though, it takes some time for solar generator batteries to recharge. Solar generators that utilize fossil fuels for operation can be refilled with fuel any time of the day. 

Your lifestyle, needs, and wants are the other factors that may influence your desire to own a portable solar generator. Avoid wasting time and money. It’s always good to think through things carefully before making a decision. If you need more information prior to making a purchase decision, don’t hesitate to request it from store personnel. 

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