Solving Shower Leaks Without Destroying Your Floor

When a shower starts to leak and the damage begins to spread throughout your home, it might be too late for simple remedies. But if your leak is still small and manageable then you can actually stop a leaking shower without removing tiles. The house is much like our body, we have to take of it inside and out. On the outside, we have our decorations, interior design, appliances, and other objects that make our home look pleasant. On the inside, we have the plumbing, electric wires, support beams, and other internal fixtures that keep our home safe and functional. 

Water damage is mostly an unseen enemy for many homeowners. Most of the time, they can only be detected when it has dealt considerable damage to your home. It attacks from the inside out leaving many homeowners clueless that there is a leak within their home.  Most leaks occur in spaces where water flows the most. This would be the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. The major culprits are shower leaks. For minor damage caused by this, one can easily purchase a shower DIY kit for minor repairs.

There are many reasons why showers leak. So it is very important to investigate where the source is and the cause of the leak before you stop a leaking shower without removing tiles. The inspection always comes first so first, determine where the leak is manifesting. Check for ceiling stains and unusual water puddles in your home. After that, mark those areas and see if they all lead to the main source of leakage. Shower stalls can be sources of leaks so check the tiles and walls for tile and grout damage. Assess how big the damage is. If you feel that a DIY kit can manage it, proceed to repair. If you see that you will need more time or manpower or skill in order to repair the damage, hire a professional.

You can only start sealing a shower once you have determined that it is the source of water damage in your home. If not, continue to inspect or call a professional. For minor grout damage, a DIY kit can be enough to regrout a damaged tile area. Make sure to follow instructions to avoid poor application of grout to the tiles. There is no need to remove tiles when regrouting.

Aside from regrouting, check if you need to apply caulk or sealant along with corners or joints where the shower stall or bathtub meets the tiles. This too will help stop leaking showers without removing tiles. As a final step, make sure to do another inspection to see if you have applied the grout properly. Use the shower and see if water leaks have stopped. If yes, congratulations! Otherwise, seek the help of a professional to determine the underlying cause.

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