3 Office Interior Predictions for the Next to Normal

The last decade focused on opening office spaces, eliminating barriers, and creating free-flowing interiors that inspired many companies like Google, Apple, and so on. Before the pandemic, interior fitouts for offices were built for collaboration, sharing, and communal. While it did promote a culture of positivity and teamwork, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the cons of this kind of office setup. The virus capitalized on a sharing economy that spread like wildfire all over the globe. Suddenly, people had to wear masks, avoid touching each other, and stop sharing things and even their personal space. Barriers had to be brought back up for health and safety reasons.

While the pandemic is ushering in a new way of living and working, the interior design industry has yet to reveal the trends that will mark this new decade. Many ideas are cropping up here and there putting emphasis on health, personal space, and versatility. In these uncertain times, it is important to reconfigure your office space in such a way that it can adapt to any situation. Here are some ideas to help transition to the next normal.

Make room for open privacy 

In the past decade, the more open office space is, the better. Cubicles were eased out which represented the culture of the 90s. But post-pandemic, we may see these barriers return but in a different form. Forward-thinking office fitouts are showing more glass or clear dividers, small group huddle rooms, and overall interiors that remain transparent yet offer some level of privacy. We may also see “ultra-mobile” furniture for ease of movement when reconfiguring spaces for different purposes given that there will be some work-from-home arrangements.

Not sharing can be caring

It was the Millenials that fueled a sharing economy. From rides to vacation homes, almost everything was “shared” since it was seen as a great way to earn money while reducing environmental impact. Its Achilles heel though arrived in the form of COVID-19. “Sharing” suddenly became a cause for worry. It’s possible that interior fitouts for offices will create more personal spaces over shared ones. And yes, you may have your own table back.

Bring green living to work

While some aspects of 90s interior design may make a comeback, the next normal will still be quite different. Offices 20-30 years ago were more rigid and gray. This decade, we may see interior fitouts for offices that are greener than ever. Plants will play a big role in the new office interior (especially the ones that help purify the air). Eco-friendly materials will dominate the scene and possibly put an end to plastic use as well. Office interiors will also be driven by the IoT (Internet of Things) saving precious energy.

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